Cpt 2011 Adds Two Add-On Codes to Describe Interstitial Device Placement During Another Procedure

Published: 11th April 2011
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Until now, when your general surgeon placed interstitial devices for radiation therapy guidance during a distinct open or laparoscopic abdominal procedure, you did not have a way to report the additional service. See to it that you capture all the pay you deserve when you learn how to use two new CPT 2011 codes for the procedure.

Open, lap or percutaneous approach differentiate placement

In 2010, you had one code to use when your surgeon placed an abdominal interstitial device for radiation therapy guidance – 49411.

Prior to this year, if your surgeon carried out the device placement during an open or laparoscopic procedure, there was no way for you to capture the service.

Now CPT 2011 adds two new add-on codes to describe interstitial device placement during another procedure as here:

  • +49327

  • +49412

    Select +49327 for a laparoscopic approach, and +49412 for an open procedure. Remember that these are add-on codes, which means you can report them only in addition to a primary procedure. Go on reporting 49411 for percutaneous interstitial device placement as a stand-alone procedure.

    Be aware of your anatomy

    For procedures in the abdominal, pelvic, or retroperitoneal areas use codes 49411, +49412, and +49327.

    There are exceptions: CPT provides a distinct code for prostate (55876, Placement of interstitial device[s] for radiation therapy guidance [example., fiducial markers, dosimeter], prostate, (through needle, any approach) single or multiple); as such you should use the most specific code.

    Do not report 55876 plus an abdominal code for the same service. CCI edits prevent you from reporting 55876 with +49327 with a modifier indicator of "0," meaning that you cannot override the edit pair.

    When indicated, you’ll use + 49327 in association with laparoscopic abdominal, pelvic, or retroperitoneal procedure(s) performed concurrently.

    Separate regions earn different codes: Other codes describe interstitial device placement for other body regions, such as 32553 (Placement of interstitial device[s] for radiation therapy guidance [example., fiducial markers,dosimeter], percutaneous, intra-thoracic, single or multiple).

    Watch for imaging guidance

    Regardless of CPT'pattern of bundling typical ancillary services with procedures, you should continue to separately report imaging guidance with 49411, if performed. A text note following 49411 states, ", "For imaging guidance, see 76942, 77002, 77012, 77021."

    On the contrary, +49327 and +49412 include image guidance, if carried out, based on the code definitions.

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